Umgwenya is the social outreach initiative of Wild Plum Farm.

We believe that in order to live a good and meaningful life we must enrich the lives of others, and that ulitmately the value of our lives is measured not by what we have accumulated but by the lives we have touched.

This philosophy is the motivation behind the uMgwena brand. We don't have to look far to find people in our community who have faced some challenges in their lives and just need a little help.

Our business model is that we create a product, train people in our immediate community to make that product and then create a platform to sell the products on their behalf. We supply on site training, deliver the raw materials in the form of kits and collect the finished products, meaning our crafters are not required to travel. This has allowed us to work with a group of senior citizens for whom travelling is a challenge. Crafters are paid for what they produce on collection, they are not made to wait for sales in order to earn a living.

We plan to expand the brand as we find crafters with new skill sets and are currently working on a range of crocheted items and a 100% natural skincare range.

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